Reservation and Cancellation Policy

Reservations are required for all types of vehicles, and the amount of time needed prior to the reservation depends on the type of vehicle requested. Cancellations are accepted three hours before the scheduled pick-up time on sedan vehicles only. Other types of vehicles require more time unless otherwise specified.

No Show: Full rate and chauffeur gratuity will be charged.
As Directed Service: A fee equal to 3 hours of service and chauffeur gratuity will be charged.
Point-to-Point: A fee equal to the fare and chauffeur gratuity will be charged.

The time periods needed in advance to reserve or cancel services and vehicles requested are listed below:

Time to reserve:

Sedan: 24 hours in advance
Sports Utility Vehicle: 24 hours in advance
Limousine: 48 hours in advance
Vans/ Mini Buses: 48-72 hours in advance

Time to cancel:

Sedan: 3 hours before pick-up
Sports Utility Vehicle: 3 hours before pick-up
Limousine: 48-72 hours before pick-up
Vans/ Mini Buses: 2 weeks before pick-up


All Ways Limousine & Sedan Service, Inc. is dedicated to giving our customers exceptional service in clean and comfortable vehicles. For the safety of our passengers and drivers, All Ways Limousine and Sedan Service, Inc. drivers reserve the right to refuse transportation to individuals, who, in the express opinion of the company and its drivers, exhibit irrational behavior and/or belligerence. All Ways also reserves the right to make trip adjustments or cancellations due to inclement weather. To ensure our customers are comfortable during their transportation, All Ways abides by a strict passenger-count policy: Each vehicle has an allotted maximum capacity, and drivers are instructed not to allow this number of passengers to be exceeded at any point during the service. Rates listed on this Web site or in All Ways information materials do not include gratuity, meet and greet services, tolls, stops, overnight accommodations, parking fees, or waiting time. All Ways is not responsible for items left, lost, or stolen from its vehicles during or after services, but will do its best to ensure the security of its passengers and their belongings. All Ways abides by all transportation laws of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. All Ways Limousine & Sedan Service Inc. is licensed and insured.